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Fantastic islands: Sardinia, Corsica and Apulia-Southern Italy.

  Tour start date(s): 23-05-2024
  Duration: 10 days
  Location: Rome (arrival) - night steam to the island of Sardinia - Olbia - Costa Smerald on Sardinia (3 N) - Porto Chervo - Stella Maris - Bonifachio (Corsica, France) - Maddalen archipelago (Extra) - Bari (3n) - Albrobello - Mother - Mother - Mother Castel del Mon
  Price (including tax): € 2290 Евро (double occupation), 3190 Евро (single occupation)

The author’s tour, accompanied by Irina Nagel!

You can combine this tour with a unique tour to Sicily


Please note that all our tours are guided in Russian


  • We will visit the magnificent French Corsica
  • We will explore the luxurious coastline of the most famous Riviera in the world - Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) in Sardinia
  • We will walk around Porto Cervo, the city of millionaires
  • We will learn how to make and we’ll taste delicious sheep cheese in Sardinia,
  • You will have the opportunity to sail by boat to the Maddalena archipelago - Italian Maldives (extra)
  • After Sardinia, we head to Puglia, this hidden gem of Italy
  •  We will live in the capital of the province of Puglia, the ancient city of Bari, where you will have the opportunity to walk around the center and enjoy restaurants, ice cream parlors and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Italian Dolce Vita
  • We will visit a city with thousands of small trulli, the fabulous Alberobello (UNESCO heritage)
  • The mysterious cave city of Matera awaits us, carved into the rocks (UNESCO), where Mel Gibson's film “The Passion of the Christ” was filmed
  • The most mystical medieval castle in Europe , Castel del Monte
  • We will visit the city of Lecce, the queen of the Italian Baroque and the most beautiful city in southern Italy
  • We will visit an extraordinary White City, Ostuni
  • This tour is a gourmet's delight. Puglia cuisine is one of the best in Italy! We will visit restaurants where only locals go, enjoy fresh seafood from the Adriatic Sea, try the best pastries, cheeses, olive oils, desserts and of course there will be a lot of wine... Because in vino veritas! You will have to temporarily forget about your diets and feel part of DOLCE VITA!


Day 1              Arrival in Rome

Arrival in Rome at 11.15 am.   Bus transfer to your hotel in Rome.

At 16:30 we go on a tour of Rome.

Overnight stay at a hotel in Rome

Day 2              Rome and departure for Sardinia

Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning, we will have a fascinating tour of Rome.

Afternoon free time in Rome. In the evening, departure for the port of Civitavecchia and overnight ferry to the island of Sardinia.

Day 3              Olbia - Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda) - Porto Cervo - Stella Maris  - cheese masterclass     

In the morning, we arrive by ferry to Sardinia. Meeting with our escort on the bus. We set off on a journey through the Costa Smeralda, the most exclusive part of Sardinia. We will visit Porto Cervo, where the most famous boutiques and restaurants are located. In the marina of Porto Cervo there is a luxurious yacht club where oligarchs from all over the world moor their mega yachts. We will see the Cala di Volpe hotel, where the film “The Spy Who Loved Me” was filmed.

We will discover a “treasure box”, a lovely church of Stella Maris, where we will see a priceless painting of the Madonna by El Greco, and we will have free time to stop at a typical restaurant for lunch. During lunch, you can taste the pride of local winemakers - Vermentinodi Gallura, which has been produced here since the 14th century, and also learn how pasta-beads, fregula, is made

Then we will have an exciting masterclass on making real sheep cheese on a farm. There is nothing more delicious than tasting freshly made cheese in the fresh air.  We will taste several types of cheeses, drink wine and learn all the intricacies of local cuisine.

Overnight stay at a hotel on the Costa Smeralda.

Day 4              Corsica - island of pirates

After breakfast at the hotel, we board the ferry to Corsica. The crossing itself is an amazingly beautiful moment. The town of Bonifacio sits like a swallow's nest on imposing snow-white limestone cliffs. The city lies in the shadow of a huge 13th century defensive structure built by the Genoese, the Citadelle de Bonifacio. We will see steps carved into the rocks, and you will not get tired of taking photos at literally every step!

We will take a walk along the Kompareti embankment, during which you will hear the fascinating stories and legends of the island, then we will rise straight to the center of the ancient fortress town, located at the altitude of 60 meters above sea level. Its narrow streets will lead us to squares with huge churches and to places associated with the names of world-famous personalities, such as Emperor Charles V, King Alfonso of Aragon and, of course, Napoleon Bonaparte. We will also visit another place of interest of Bonifacio, the marine cemetery, the only active marine cemetery in Europe. Tireless travelers will also find something to do. If you are one of those, then we suggest going down from the city directly to the sea along an ancient, very steep staircase, which has 189 steps. It cuts across the Corsican limestone coast and because of this it is called the “scar of Corsica”.

When the long-awaited lunch time comes, in one of the cozy restaurants of Bonifacio you can treat yourself to the freshest oysters with a glass of French wine. If you want to taste the masterpieces of Corsican cuisine, we recommend stuffed eggplants Bonifacian style with a glass of chestnut beer.

At leisure time, you can walk around the city or go shopping.

Return by ferry to Italy. Overnight stay at a hotel on the Costa Smeralda.

Day 5              Maddalena Archipelago - Italian Maldives

Breakfast at the hotel. Tour to the Maddalena archipelago (extra). The Maddalena archipelago has been named “the Italian Maldives” for the beauty of its azure bays and magnificent beaches. You will not only see the islands of La Maddalena, Caprera, San Stefano, Budelli, Asparagus, Razzoli, Santa Maria, some of which, fortunately, still remain untouched by civilization, but you can also swim in the emerald waters of the harbors of these fabulous islands.

A small meal of pasta with tomatoes and basil will be waiting for you on board, and you can buy various drinks right on board at the bar.

Overnight stay at a hotel on the Costa Smeralda.

Day 6              Arrival in Puglia

In the morning, arrival at the port of Civitavecchia. Transfer to Rome to the railway station. At 11:45 am departure from Rome by highspeed train to Bari. Arrival in Bari at 16:10. Meeting the escort and checking in at the hotel in Bari.

After having a rest at the hotel, at 6:30 we go for a walk around evening Bari, where we will learn about the capital of Apulia, and the guide will show us cozy restaurants where we can dine and have some ice cream at the best ice cream cafes.

Bari is the capital of the province of Apulia, the second largest city in southern Italy. It is here that the relics of one of the most revered saints of the Christian world are kept, the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Walking through the streets of the old city, we will learn about the thirty-year rule of the Arabs and their influence on Bari, about the grandiose construction of the Apulian aqueduct, why the Margherita Theater stands on the water and what dish is successfully made from burnt flour. Our guide will recommend you a nice restaurant for dinner.

Overnight stay at a hotel in Bari.

Day 7              Alberobello - the capital of the trulli and the Cave City of Matera

After breakfast at the hotel, we go to Alberobello, the most “fabulous” city of the 15th century not only in all of Italy, but also in the world. This city is famous for its unique “trulli” buildings, which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996. Trulli are built exclusively with dry masonry and have a characteristic dome shape (from the Greek trulos - dome). We will learn why it was so important to build these particular domes and why they were so often destroyed.

Walking around Alberobello is like stepping into a Disney cartoon about gnomes in person.  Hundreds of tiny snow-white houses and churches, narrow cobbled streets lined with flowers - this is a real feast for the eyes and your moment to take the most beautiful photos of the trip!

Then we go to Matera, a UNESCO Heritage city, which is famous for the fact that all the houses and even churches are carved into the thickness of the tuff rocks. Starting from the 8th century, the Matera valley was visited by pilgrims and monks, who considered it the safest to live in caves. The most amazing thing is that people lived in these caves until the beginning of this century, until the Italian government ordered to evict the residents and give them modern apartments. Matera has not lost its unique appearance, and has become a set for making films on biblical subjects, for example, such films as “Christ Stopped at Eboli” and “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson were shot here. We will visit the panoramic site, the Sasso Cavioso and Il Piano quarters, as well as the Cathedral. You will learn the history of the unusual dessert Nun's Breast or Sighs, and you will have time to try it at a local bar.

Evening in Bari for a walk through the historical center and dinner. Don't forget to save room for the best gelato in town!

Overnight stay at a hotel in Bari.

Day 8              Queen of the Baroque - Lecce and the White City of Ostuni

Today we will visit a city that, like Florence, is called an open-air museum. We are going to Lecce, famous for its lush and elaborate baroque. The entire city center is built from local limestone, which is known for its ease of processing, and created real lace, bas-reliefs and patterns on the facades. We will walk around the city center, find a church without a facade, see the cathedral and Basilica, and visit hidden courtyards with their amazing decoration. The guide will tell us about pasticciotto, favorite local treats, and you will have time to try them at the bar with a cup of espresso.

Then we head to the town of Ostuni, which is called the White City by the Italians. Almost all the houses in the city are really painted white, and against the background of the blue southern sky the city opens up to our eyes like a wonderful lily on the backdrop of olive groves. We learn that in the 17th century, city residents decided to paint the facades of houses with lime to save themselves from the plague and whether this really saved them from a terrible illness.

Overnight stay at a hotel in Bari.

Day 9              Secrets of olive oil - UNESCO castle Castel del Monte - Trani - Rome

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure from the hotel with the luggage. We will visit a farm producing olive oil, the green gold of Puglia. We will learn about the process and intricacies of olive harvesting, we will taste oil of different ages and with various additives, and also have a snack on crispy taralli with a glass of wine. After this we head to the “Castle on the Mountain” (Castel del Monte), which has gained worldwide fame due to its unusual shape of a regular octagon. It is still unclear for what purpose Frederick of Swabia built it: as a fortress?  As a hunting lodge for falcon hunting? As an astronomical observatory?  Was it a place for mystical rituals? There are a lot of questions, but few answers, but when you visit the castle, you will decide for yourself which of the theories is closer to your spirit, and in any case, the castle will not leave you indifferent.

Time for lunch. Visit to the charming seaside town of Trani.

Departure at approximately 6 pm from Bari by train and arrival in the center of Rome at 10 pm.

Overnight stay at a hotel in Rome.

Day 10            Departure from Italy

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport.

Price of the tour: 2,290 Euro (double occupancy), 3,190 Euro (single occupancy).

Tour includes:

  • Hotel accommodation: 3 nights in Sardinia, 3 nights in Bari, 1 night in Rome and two nights on the ferry,
  • Meals: breakfasts at hotels,
  • Transfers as indicated in the program on an air-conditioned bus,
  • Licensed escort in Russian for all visits: Porto Cervo, Costa Smeraldo, Alghero, Castelsardo, Bonifacio in Corsica, Bari, Matera, Alberobello, Lecce, Ostuni, Castel Del Monte, Trani,
  • Ferry from Sardinia to Corsica and back,
  • Entrance ticket to the Castelsardo fortress,
  • Master class on a farm with cheese and wine tasting,
  • Train tickets Bari - Rome and Rome - Bari
  • Tasting of Puglia olive oils with wine
  • Entrance ticket to the Cathedral of Matera
  • Entrance ticket to the Museum of Life in Matera
  • Entrance ticket to Castel del Monte
  • Tour does not include:
  • City taxes in hotels (7.50 euros per person per day in Rome) and 3 euros per person per night in Sardinia and Bari,
  • Breakfast on the ferry
  • Tour to the Maddalena Archipelago (extra): 75 euros per person.
  • Tips and everything that is not specified in the program.
  • Headphones 22 euros per person.


For more information please visit the russian version of our site: https://www.torontotrip.com/ru/tour-montecatini-terme 



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