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St. Marie mission and Blue Mounten

  Tour start date(s): 18-09-2022
  Duration: 9 hours
  Price (including tax): $ 150 CA

***Please note that this tour is in the Russian language***


This one-day tour to the north of Toronto leads to St. Marie among the Hurons which was a French Jesuit settlement in Wendake, the land of the Wendat, near modern Midland, Ontario from 1639 to 1649.  This was one of the first settlements of the Europeans in Ontario which was restored as a unique museum with popular displays - Native American wigwams, missionaries’ cells, French wooden churches, etc.   St. Marie among the Hurons was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1920.


Blue Mountains - Switzerland of Ontario. The best place to spend your weekend.


Tour Duration: 9 hours (09:00A.M.-18:00P.M.)

Price: $150.00

Departures from: 2727 Steeles Ave West


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