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ITALY: Spa-Hotel in Abano Terme, Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Treviso and Venetian carnival



Tour start date(s): 06-02-2024
  Duration: 11 days
  Location: Abano (Spa-Hotel 4*), Venice, Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Treviso
  Price (including tax): $1,547.00 Euro  (double occupation),  $1745 Euro (single occupation)


The thermal resort of Abano Terme is located 60 kilometers from Venice and 15 kilometers from Padua, among the green hills. There is a mild and even climate here throughout the year. This is a paradise in Italy, where lovers of a comfortable holiday will find for themselves a combination of luxury and elegance. Staying here is the most comfortable in the spring and fall when there is no strong heat, and the cool air is especially pleasant after bathing in the hot springs.

Abano Terme is world famous for its hot thermal springs, the water temperature in which reaches 87 ° C, and it includes radon, sodium sulfides, iodine and bromine. 

Our tourists in Abano are accommodated in a 4* SPA-hotel, which has its own medical facilities and staff of highly qualified medical specialists. Our tourists enjoy a unique opportunity to use the thermal department directly on the premises of the hotel which means a free visit in an informal attire (bathrobe) to any room of the department of medical procedures, park, swimming pool, gym, solarium.

In Abano, you can also engage in cultural tourism: explore the 18th-century Duomo of St. Lawrence, the main religious building in the city, or Montirone Gallery, where you can admire the paintings by such famous masters as Guido Reni, Palma the Younger, Giandomenico Tiepolo, etc.

Abano Terme appears before the guests in all the charm of the garden city: each hotel is surrounded by centuries-old parks and fragrant flower beds, the resort is decorated with fountains, ancient squares, elegant promenades, amazing landscapes.

In addition, those who wish can join the tours:

The Carnival of Venice is an annual festival world famous for its elaborate masks.  This festival is a mixture of unrestrained and cheerful fun, smiles, dances and competitions that brings with it one of the most popular carnivals not only in the country of sun and wine, but throughout the world.  From year to year, the Venice Carnival attracts thousands of tourists who want to plunge into the amazing atmosphere of the holiday and fairy tales. Street musicians, theater and circus artists perform all over the city. There are thousands of people in amazing carnival costumes and masks on the streets of Venice during the carnival. As a rule, they are happy to pose for tourists (you can take beautiful photos). The most active tourists also buy masks and become participants of the carnival.

Padua is a charming city, famous for the Basilica of St. Anthony, one of the largest in the world and one of the most revered shrines in the Christian world.  Apart from the Basilica there are many different attractions, for example, the presence of ghosts throughout the city and its suburbs in many objects and places. And people who continue to believe in ghosts make the city even more emotional. Where is one of the oldest universities in Italy located and who studied there? Why were there many Jews in Padua? Why is Prato dela Valle a Jewish place? An endless number of questions can be answered by one of the most professional guides of the city while visiting Padua. Centuries of history are enclosed in one of the most beautiful cities of the Veneto region!

Our tour of Verona is a great option for exploring the city with its stunning cityscape and extremely rich history.  The tour includes a visit to the must-see attractions: the medieval Erba Square with the mysterious fountain "Madonna", the ghetto and the largest Synagogue, the Roman theater, the famous amphitheater Arena di Verona, the house of Juliet, the Romeo house, the market square, in other words, it will be a day of wonderful discoveries. On the bus we will go up to the observation deck on the hill of Torricello, taste the tastiest Verona buns and ice cream. This tour is great for those who don't like to rush and would like to learn about the fascinating history, traditions and way of life of Verona residents. 

You will also visit Vicenza, the city of famous architects and jewelers. It is a unique opportunity to visit the ancient city of Vicenza, which can rightly be called an open-air museum. It is associated with the name of the famous architect Andrea Palladio, who lived and worked here in the XVI century. During the bus and walking tour, we will see the magnificent palaces and villas created by him. The Teatro "Olimpico", the construction of which started during the life of the great architect and was completed after his death, is the oldest existing theatre in Europe. Authentic old props are still used for the plays that are played out here. The theater is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is one of the wonders of Italy.

The largest jewelry shows in the country are held here, in the town of Vicenza. Local jewelers are another page of the city fame. During the tour you will see: the impressive Palladio Basilica, the Olimpico Theater, Piazza dei Signori with the city tower of Tore Bissara. Vincenza is a city where beauty and refinement are represented not only by majestic palaces, but also by the products of famous brands: Dainese, Gas Jeans, Bottega Veneta. We will also see the Temple of Santa Maria di Monte Berico, built on a hill from which you can see the whole city, villa La Rotonda, the Alps and the city itself from the observation deck.

Treviso is a fairytale city, a green oasis of water and flowers, a model of harmony without frills. Once its palaces, decorated with frescoes, fell under the Venetian influence and brought history to this day. The water labyrinths of streets built on the banks of the Sile River will bring you to the medieval legends. From all sides, the city is surrounded by the fortress walls which for centuries have protected this wonderful place. Three historical gates that opened the entrance to the city have been preserved - St. Thomas (San Tommaso), Forty Saints (Santi Quaranta) and Altinia. Small canals and mills adorn this city and give it a fabulous and unique feeling. During the tour you can stroll through Piazza della Signoria, visit the main Cathedral. The square that saved many "businessmen" will reveal its secrets to you.  The Church of St. Nicholas, in which the columns will accompany you as12 apostles, is also definitely worth seeing.VISIT ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PART OF ITALY- ABANO TERME.

Abano Terme is a popular balneological resort in Italy, 8 kilometers from Padua. The city is relatively small, its area is 21.5 km2, the population is slightly less than 20 thousand people. The main value and attraction of Abano Terme are hot thermal springs, the water temperature in which reaches 87 ° C, and its composition includes radon, sodium sulfides, iodine and bromine. The main indications for treatment at the Abano Terme resort are diseases of the respiratory system and the musculoskeletal system, gynecological problems and neurological disorders.

Price includes: 4* hotel accommodation (10 nights), 2 meals a day, thermal pools.

Price does not include: flights, transfer, additional excursions, food, insurance.

Additional excursions:

Vicenza Tour 

Verona City Tour 

Padua City Tour 

Treviso Tour


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