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Alexey and Veronica

Dear Ira,

Thank you so much for the exciting trip! A lot of information, a lot of emphasizes. There is a special reason why we love Russian tour guides. Of course, not only because they speak our native language, we understand English well enough. However, the American tour guides are boring. For example, speaking about a house, Americans would be interested in how much it costs, and who the owner is, and they will tell you about it, but who built this house, when and why it was built are the details that are left aside. But the Russian guides narrate about history, customs... And, of course, we were impressed by the level of professionalism. Very comprehensive tour program, very precise timing. We always wanted to see more sights, but it was impossible to see even more in such a short period of time. Great job!

Once again thank you.23 September 2011

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