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Vladimir Suslov

I took your tour quite reluctantly following my friend’s advice. The first day of the tour, I was tired after the work week and when I boarded your bus to Montreal, I thought I would have a chance to have a good sleep. But when I heard the voice of our tour guide and listened to what he was saying, I realized that I was wide awake. The more I heard his stories, the more I liked them, I was fascinated and intrigued. His steady narrative with considered pauses, rhythm, timely jokes together with the wealth of provided information (which is very important) - all this proved high professionalism of the tour guide. You wanted to listen to him.

I thought of Alexander Dumas and Jules Verne and saw Canada and its history in a completely new light. I felt regretful I hadn’t taken this tour earlier. During the three days I learned a lot. Unfortunately all the details are impossible to remember and due to the pace of our everyday life there is no time to seek out all this information again. It is hard to imagine me reading Alexandre Dumas once again. But what I would definitely read, forgetting about everything else, are the books by Mark –our tour guide. I hope that one day he will start writing them.

Thank you Mark for a very interesting tour.

Vladimir Suslov, PhD, P. Eng., Controls Development Engineer, SAA Armstrong

August 21-23, 2015

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