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Larisa and Alexander

The long-awaited vacation went by… We have to come back to our usual routine ... But we still stay in festive holiday mood. The reason for it is another unforgettable vacation spent on a 4-day tour by "Irina International Tours".

This time, we invited our friends from Israel and planned our vacation according to  this  4 day tour. And we did not regret it...

Everything was organized at the highest and most professional level. All the trifles were taken into account... and as we know there is no such thing as a trifle when it goes to travel.

It was a real surprise to us that all the tours were held personally by Irina, the director of  "Irina international tours". She acquainted us with Canada, its geography   and interesting facts about this beautiful country. Listening to the fascinating stories and legends made us feel as if we plunged into the fairy tale with its heroes and characters.

All the tour participants were in the great humor, full of optimism and anticipation regarding their vacations taken with “Irina International Tours”

Once again, we want to thank everybody who organized this unforgettable tour and Irina personally.

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