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Dear Irina! Dear employees of the travel agency!

Thank you so much for two unforgettable tours across Canada and to New York.

These tours that you are providing are not only about visiting various historical places and attractions, it is also a journey through time. On the one hand, you carried us to the past, plunging us in history, and on the other - you had a wonderful ability to compress the time, and it seemed like there were 26 hours in a day instead of 24. Every day was so full of events and information that it seemed to last longer than usual.

Listening to your stories about the history of Canada, made us feel proud of the country and the people who established it, brought it to the leading positions and keeps it among leaders. It makes us happy that now we also are a part of this nation and this country, that everyone of us contributes to this country, making it more attractive to our former compatriots.

For us, a couple living in Canada separately from grown up children and not having kids of a school age, these tours are particularly interesting, as it is an opportunity to explore the history of establishment and development of Canada as a state. Thus, your tours perform not only informative but also educational function.

Many of us, immigrants who live in Canada, have friends and parents living in the countries of the former USSR. Most of them are not fluent in English or do not speak English at all. But we want to show them our country with its history, landmarks and achievements that maybe are not as great and ancient as in Israel, Egypt or Mexico but still worth seeing. Because of work we do not always have time to take guests on day trips. In our case, "Irina International Tours" is the best solution to the problem. It also concerns the grandparents who came to Canada after their adult children in order to help them foster grand children. And again "Irina Interneyshnel Tours" is here to help.

The quantity and quality of the received information was incredible. We regret that we didn’t have a recording device with us, so later we could listen to these recordings once again and feel like we go back to those places together with "Irina International Tours".

I would like to mention an excellent quality of the tour organization: a clear schedule, perfect timing, an amazing selection of hotels (the combination of great service and location), all the needs of the people were taken into account (planned stops, shopping, information about cafes and restaurants, flexible location where the tourists were picked up and given directions in the beginning and at the end of the tour etc.). There was hardly a second when we felt a lack of attention: every problem was solved almost instantly and to all our questions we received comprehensive answers. The professional level of the guides was outstanding.

Some people might think "Organized guided tour is not the best option. Today, you can arrange any trips by yourself - everything is on the Internet. Choose your route, find the information about the places, order a ticket and rent a car on-line, book a room in a hotel, and ... go ahead!" But frankly speaking, there are very few people who could organize trips at the same level as "Irina International Tours".

We, residents of Calgary, came to Toronto in order to take your company's tours. So during our holiday we tried to take as many trips as possible and we did the right choice. These two weeks gave us a huge boost of energy for the whole year and the quality of service and attitude we received was beyond the expectations. In the meantime, we are going to tell all our friends in Calgary and from other countries about your wonderful company. We are definitely going to continue our traveling relationship with your company and cannot wait until our next trip.

With gratitude, Galina and Mark, Calgary, Alberta, July 2012

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