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From the Group of Grateful Tourists

        We are tourists coming from different parts of the former Soviet Union. We were very happy with your Canada tours. We would like to express gratitude to Irina your tour guides and all employees of Irina International Tours.

       Many thanks to Andrey your tour guide for the attention and professional attitude he provided us during the tour of New York - Washington. On behalf of the participants of the Boston - New York - Washington tour we would like to express our gratitude for his deep knowledge of the history of the different cities and museums. In a short period of time Andrey was able to unite everybody into a group, providing help and assistance to everybody in need.

       We would like to thank your tour guide Olga for the tour of French Canada. We were impressed by Olga’s profound knowledge of history, architecture and art. As an architect I was interested in roads, bridges, parks and urban planning and I received thorough and comprehensive answers to all the questions I asked.

       We are grateful to your tour guide Rosanna for her professionalism, informative tours and attention she provided to us during the French Canada tour.

       We want to express our appreciation for Mark, his organizing skills and expertise. Our tour Montreal - Quebec City - Ottawa dates coincided with the visit of George W. Bush. There was not a single details, that could somehow mar our tour which went smoothly from the first minute to the end of the journey.

To your tour guides Nadejda, Irina and Lyudmila, we are grateful for the one-day trips. Thank you for your warmth and knowledge!

Special thanks to Isai for his help and support during the tour!

Family of Polyakovs, Olga and Vladimir from Vancouver, Alexander Tishchenko and Inna Shinko, family of Krivosilovs, N. Polskaya from Israel, journalist Anna Girsheva from St. Petersburg and Roman Gotman.

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